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Much attention to training and a good environment. Is that important to you with your search for a new job? It is to Mifratel. As a contact centre agent you are indeed at the heart of the company. Your performance is the direct key to our success. 

This is why Mifratel not only sees training as teaching the basic principles of telephony. It is also more than a thorough course on the products of our customers. To us, training you also means investing in your personal development and looking at your development opportunities at our company. You can only ensure satisfaction for our customers if you feel good at Mifratel. In other words, we expect good results but we also make sure that you enjoy your work with us!

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Contact centre staff

Tasks and responsibilities

Work organisation

  • knowing and understanding the internal organisation and procedures at Mifratel
  • you follow up the planning set out for you
  • you master the different applications that Mifratel makes available to you for your job.

Work performance

Outbound telephony

  • you contact prospects and/or customers and offer them certain products or services (sales)
  • you make appointments with prospects for representatives and manage the diaries (diary management)
  • you phone customers, check their details and update them where necessary (database management) 
  • you phone prospects or customers to take a survey (telesurvey)

For this type of telephony you are someone who takes the initiative with a professional approach to bring the customer contact to a fruitful end.

Inbound telephony

You are responsible for dealing with incoming customer questions, and assist the customer in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.  This activity is preferably combined with the other aspects of a contact centre which Mifratel works on.


  • administrative processing of sales/orders in the customer’s software system
  • sending emails or faxes to the customer
  • you apply the principles of customer-oriented telephone calls on a daily basis
  • you correctly and meticulously enter the details obtained

Qualities and experience

  • good communicative skills
  • you master one of the national languages (NL/FR) or another language (if required) to perfection
  • you are an enthusiastic person
  • you can skilfully use a PC
  • you see quality as important
  • you are meticulous
  • you have good listening skills
  • you have commercial feeling
  • you can work independently in a good and personal environment


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