Pourquoi sommes-nous si impatients de travailler avec Mifratel? L'entreprise prouve tous les jours que les gens font vraiment la différence.

Dieter Goemyne, Eni

L'attitude «can do» et la vitesse d'agir est typiquement Mifratel

Pascal Van Glabeke, Proximus

Incroyable de voir les énormes efforts mis chez Mifratel pour comprendre notre entreprise

Freddy Otte, Directeur Neoditel

“Our work volumes are highly volatile and our activities always changing. They are determined by our customers and our projects and subject to, amongst others, seasonality. Mifratel has always been able to quickly and swiftly adapt to these ever changing needs. As a result, Mifratel has become one the most valuable flexibility points in our work organisation.”

Christian Duthois, Proximus